Les PouPZ are handmade dolls, made according to the Waldorf-Steiner phylosophy. They are conceived to accompany a child (boy or girl) in the development of his own self, his feelings, his reactions... He will sometimes identify himself in the doll, and then use it to experience others.

Waldorf dolls naturally has simple features, so that the child can adapt it to his personal psychic state. He will sometimes play with a smiley doll, or talk to sad one, or an inquisitive or attentive, or even a sleeping one...


Dolls can be articulated in various ways. They can have a one part body - arms, legs and torso in a single part, or the arms and legs can be made apart and sewn to the torso. I mainly use the second method for my dolls to be totally able to move and sit without any difficulties.

Several models are possible for cuddle dolls too. You have the pocket dolls, the bunting dolls for example. The Teeny type of doll I created is a bunting doll, in which I chose to add a soft doll body for more strength. It can be personalised and can even become a hot bottle if you want (please contact for special requests).


I'm also keen on small details such as ears, belly buttons, sex for boy dolls, small bums ... The aim is to help your child learn about his own body.

Last but not least, all my dolls are unique. I never do the same doll twice. Each doll has its own soul, which can be guided by your own choices when you order a custom doll.



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